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Comfortably Numb: What are my dental sedation options?

Believe it or not, many people fear seeing the dentist or oral surgeon to get work done. Fear drives them to think that a tooth or jaw problem will ‘just go away’ and that they will not have to deal with it if they just wait it out. Unfortunately, though, things do not usually go […]

Errant Slap Shots, Bike Falls and Bar Fights: Oh My!

With spring (hopefully!) around the corner I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog to facial trauma and dental injuries. Warmer weather in Canada means more outdoor activities – street hockey, recreational softball, biking, etc. – that unfortunately can result in facial injuries that require surgery. As an experienced facial surgeon I’ve seen and treated all […]

Beyond Wrinkles: What you should know about using Botox to manage TMJ-Related Pain

When most people think of ‘Botox’ the first thing that comes to mind relates to its cosmetic application to treat forehead wrinkles and ‘crow’s feet’. What many people don’t know about Botox is that it can also be used quite predictably to manage TMJ-related pain and muscle dysfunction. Indeed, over the past few years I […]

All-On-4 Dental Implants: A Panacea for Patients with Multiple Missing Teeth?

Patients with several missing or broken-down teeth regularly ask me about how dental implants can be used to reconstruct their dentition. They have often heard the term ‘All-on-4’ before but do not fully understand what it is or how it works. The purpose of this blog is shed some light on ‘All-on-4’ and provide some basic […]